American College of Forensic Psychology
35th Annual Symposium
March 28-31, 2019
San Diego, California


We will not be supplying printed handouts for the presentations this year. Instead, all the speakers have been asked to provide electronic copies, which are linked below. Please download the handouts to your computer, smartphone or tablet and save them to your desktop. This way you may view them on your device while at the meeting. If you need printed handouts while you're at the Symposium, please print them out in advance and bring them with you to San Diego. We will be adding new handouts to this page as we receive them from the presenters. This web page will be available until June 1.

Thursday, March 28

False allegations of rape and sexual assault by adolescents and adults: What does the research say?
Hollida Wakefield, M.A. handout (revised)

Forensic assessment of child sexual abuse allegations
Kristine M. Jacquin, Ph.D. and Michelle M. Tatum, M.A. handout

Sexually dangerous no longer? Massachusetts sexual recidivism data
on sex offenders released from civil commitment
Joseph J. Plaud, Ph.D. handout

Trauma assessment in children and adolescents: Assessment, diagnoses, treatment, and special considerations
Rebecca Smith-Casey JD/PsyD handout

Gun violence, mental sickness and psychiatric medications: Is there a connection?
Jamshid A. Marvasti, M.D. handout

Room 1--(Versailles Ballroom)

Juvenile waiver evaluations: Two cases of murder
Michael G. Ditsky, Ph.D. handout

Brains on trial
John H. White, Ph.D. handout

Evaluation of firestarters
John W. Podboy, Ph.D., Albert J. Kastl, Ph.D., Robert L. Halon, Ph.D.

The role of nomothetic and ideographic procedures in evaluations of the best interests of children
Allan Posthuma, Ph.D. handout

Room 2--(Regency Room)

Ethical issues for psychologists and attorneys in online teaching
Penny Clemmons, Ph.D., J.D. handout1 handout2 (references)

Ethical practices in forensic psychology
Jerry L. Brittain, Ph.D. handout
(Note: Please see page 2 of the handout for three articles you are encouraged
to bring with you to the presentation.)

Friday, March 29

Effective forensic reports and documentation: Pitfalls, credibility and evidence rules
Andrew Mendonsa, Psy.D., MBA, Andrew Wakefield, LMFT, Tony Angelo, Psy.D. handout

Neuroscientific approaches to a therapeutic jurisprudence model of juvenile sentencing
Michael L. Perlin, J.D., LL.D. (honorary), Alison J. Lynch, Esq. handout

Forensic skills workshop: The role of the psychologist in civil and criminal litigation
Dr. Elliot Atkins, Elizabeth Kelley, J.D., Michael Perlin, J.D.,
Joseph J. Plaud, Ph.D.

Social media and school shootings: Predicting threats, preventing violence, preserving freedom
Lorna Veraldi, J.D. and Donna M. Veraldi, Ph.D. handout

The school shooter: What is known about threat assessment
Robert Meyer Ph.D. handout

School shootings: An Ohio county's approach to threat assessment
Nicole Leisgang, Psy.D. handout

What do laboratory studies of racial bias in shooting tell us?
Making sense of conflicting findings in the First Person Shooter Task
Carol A. Vazquez, Ph.D.

Saturday, March 30

Neuropsychological test differences between TBI, neurodevelopmental disorders,
and substance-induced neurocognitive disorder
Kristine M. Jacquin, Ph.D., Yelina Fernandez, M.S., Sonya McCrea, Craig Crawford, M.S.W. handout

Expectations of the court as viewed by attorneys and advocates with regard to neuropsychological evaluations in motor vehicle accident claims in South Africa
Henk Swanepoel, Ph.D., MSc and Attorney Margaret Setzer handout

Assessment and treatment of trauma- and stressor-related disorders in civilian populations
Rebecca Smith-Casey JD/PsyD

Evaluation of unlikely claims of neuropsychological deficits
Ines Monguio, Ph.D. handout

Cultural considerations in forensic psychological assessment
Baljit Atwal, Ph.D. and Carol Chambers, Psy.D. handout

Cultural competency: Forensic challenges
Mark D. Ackerman, Ph.D. and Valerie R. McClain, Psy.D. handout

Sunday, March 31

Forensic evaluation in hardship cases
Megan Seltz, Ph.D. handout

The forensic psychological evaluation in civil litigation
James W. Schutte, Ph.D. and Christopher W. Schutte handout

Marc L. Zimmermann, Ph.D., MP and Daniel P. Greenfield, M.D. handout

A qualitative assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the disease/12-step model
William K. Marek, Ph.D. handout

Scientific principles of forensic neuropsychological assessment
Michael J. Perrotti, Ph.D. handout